Sakinah Davis, IOB Recipient, and Elizabeth Brandimarti Awardee founded W.E.B. Development Cooperative to deliver Workforce solutions, Economic growth, and Business incubation for the advancement of our members. 


IOB Irene O. Bartko Foundation nonprofit organization provide funding to support underserved Single Minority Mothers who do not qualify for assistance from the government, nor from the financial institutions, Theodora Polamalu Barko Foundation Honorary Chair  


W.E.B. Development Co-Op implements civic, educational, and cultural activities as a part of our collaboration that offers advocacy to increase opportunities for students and professionals.


Our mission is to engage in Workforce, Economic, and Business Development locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. 


Membership benefits are integrated with support services that focus on strengthening each member's mental and physical health through education and social entrepreneurship endeavors using a collaborative approach to decrease isolation, mental deterioration, and depression of our members and the populations we serve.